My Practice

Counselling and Coaching

I offer both counselling/psychotherapy and coaching from my practice based in Sale, South Manchester.


As a counsellor I work with people with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, bereavement, health issues, abuse, trauma and lots of other issues.I work with individuals, couples and family members as well as young people. I work with individuals who have a diagnosed mental health condition and those with ADHD and Autism My approach is person centred and focuses  on developing the therapeutic relationship offering, empathy and acceptance without judgement and respecting each individual.  I have a special interest in relationship counselling. 


 I offer both personal and career coaching drawing in my experience as a manager and consultant as well as my skills as a counsellor.I have particular skills and experience in dealing with work based stress and anxiety and in  career coaching.


My approach is collaborative putting you in the driving seat and travelling at your pace .Through personal coaching I aim to draws out individual  potential using a reflective  rather than a directive approach.


Effective  personal coaching is a form of change facilitation enabling individuals to develop personal strategies for growth and development It allows for personal transition on an individual basis. Coaching of this sort makes no assumptions - it's not judgmental, nor is it prescriptive or instructional



Individual Counselling

My approach is person centred which focuses on developing our therapeutic relationship.


This is a relationship within which as a client you can feel truly heard and understood. I aim to listen empathically with acceptance and without judgement.


Through this relationship you can explore what is happening in your life, seek solutions and go on to make changes at a time and pace which is right for you.


We will embark on that journey together. Depending on the presenting issues I may also integrate solution focused, systemic, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic approaches.

Relationship/family Counselling

I am a qualified relationship counsellor having undergone specialist training in this work. 

I am a qualified systemic family practitioner which means that I can work with individuals, couples and young people and their families


I work with those who wish to explore their relationship, feel they have reached an impasse or are facing a particularly difficult period in their relationship. It may be that there are concerns about a family member which can be explored in therapy



Young Peoples Counselling 

I see young people with a variety of issues including low mood, anxiety, exam stress, friendship issues, bullying, parental separation and divorce and lots of other issues. I work with young people who have ADHD and Autism 


Some young people may find it difficult to describe their feelings or put their thoughts into words. I adopt creative approaches using play for younger children and  art or written materials to engage older young people

Skype/telephone and email Counselling 

I offer counselling via skype or as part of a combined approach. For people who are on the go this may suit a busy lifestyle.

I offer telephone counselling as  a way of initially engaging with the counselling process or a means of maintaining a counselling relationship at a distance. This may be appropriate for those who find it difficult to access counselling services.

Email counselling is available for those people who may not feel ready for face to face counselling . For some people this is a way of “testing the water” before moving to face to face counselling. I will spend up to I hour reading and responding to an email. The email will be answered within 7 days maximum but I would hope to be able to respond more quickly than this. My response will be not less than 500 words. If there are several themes within the email and there is too much material to respond to with a single response I will advise you of this.